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Luis studied winemaking at the Escola Superior Agrária de Santarém and learnt his trade at various wineries in the Alentejo region. He joined with us and the Pinsent family in 2007 to help develop the jointly operated winery at Herdade Paço de Camões, near Azaruja and understudied leading winemakers from South Australia including Tash Mooney (of Barossa Valley Estate and Fox Gordon fame), Steve Dew (Kaesler) and Michael Sykes (Howard Vineyards) to make Canto Decimo, Canto Quinto, Zefyro and Rocha Rosa wines. These wines have won numerous awards and commendations with organisations like Decanter, International Wine Challenge and China Wine Awards.

The joint venture came to an end in 2009 when the Pinsents sold Herdade Paço de Camões. We acquired the joint venture company and sold several of the brands to Luis retaining Rocha Rosa for our own wine at Tapada do Falcão. Luis produced the Rocha Rosa 2009 and 2010 vintages for us at his winery in Evoramonte. We have already won two bronze medals in 2012 for the Rocha Rosa 2009.

The wines from Tapada do Falcão have the potential to improve on this and will be entered into future competitions.