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The Economy

A European Union member since 1986, Portugal (population 10 million) was backward and heavily agriculture-dependent, but has since made up a lot of ground on its co-members. This progress came to an abrupt end with the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008.

Vines and Wines in Portugal

Despite its small size, Portugal is the seventh largest wine producing country in the World with over 237,000 hectares under vine. Proportionately, it has more area dedicated to vineyards than any other country in the world.

Portugal has long been known for its Port wine as well as its accessible Rosés, Vinho Verdes and Dão or Bairrada wines. In the last decade or so however, one region has come to the fore as the premium producer of quality wine in Portugal and abroad: the Alentejo – the most sparsely populated and perhaps the most picturesque region of Portugal.

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